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Workshop: ASIS&T 2014, Seattle

The Discipline of Organizing in iSchools: Collaborative and Digitally Enhanced Teaching of a Core Subject

Friday, Oct. 31, 1:30-5:30pm

This half-day workshop focuses on the digital-enabled teaching of Information Organization and Retrieval, a core course in the information studies domain, using the book The Discipline of Organizing (TDO). TDO adopts a unified trans-disciplinary perspective for teaching information organization and retrieval as well as a new model for developing textbooks and associated pedagogical artifacts, such as examples, lesson plans, modules, assignments and projects. Authors of the book, developers of the online book and pedagogical tools platform and instructors who have adopted the book for their courses, as well as those who are interested in adopting the book for future courses, will participate in the workshop.

Schedule (with Links to Presentations)

Workshop Summary Notes and Action Items (Bob Glushko)