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Two Books on “Organizing by Component Parts”

I've recently read (maybe "viewed" is more accurate because the books are "picture books") two books that fascinated me because they took novel approaches to what we might call "Organizing by Component Parts." The Discipline of Organizing discusses issues of Resource Identity (Section 3.3) in great detail. Nevertheless, these two books augment that discussion and I expect to use them to illustrate my lectures because of the novel way in which they answer questions about whether a resource should be considered a collection, a composite of parts, or a single resource whose internal composition isn't usefully deconstructed.

The first book is Things Come Apart by Todd McLellan

McLellan photographs 50 things - including a bicycle, chain saw, piano, typewriter and various electronic devices - both neatly arranged and "exploding" in mid-air. You'll be amazed at how many parts some of these artifacts contain.

The second book is The Art of Clean Up by Ursus Wehrli

See also some examples here.

Wehrli is a Swiss comedian whose gimmick in the book is to deconstruct paintings or photographs into their component parts and then fastidiously arrange them by shape, size, or texture. We didn't get the idea for TDO's cover from Wehrli but there is a family resemblance.

-bob glushko

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