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Version 2: 2014

Preface to the Second Edition

New Editions for Different Audiences

disciplineoforganizing_core_redblueThe first version of The Discipline of Organizing, published in May 2013, was quickly adopted by over twenty schools as a primary or supplemental text for courses on information organization, content and knowledge management, information architecture, and digital collections.

Now, with version 2, we build on this successful foundation with two separate editions — the Professional Edition and the Core Concepts Edition — to make the book even more effective and engaging as an academic text or as provocative reading for people who want to be more self-aware and effective about how they organize the resources they deal with in their personal and professional lives.

Both the Professional and Core Concepts editions contain substantial new and revised content about the active resources of the Internet of Things, and how the field of information architecture can be viewed as a subset of the discipline of organizing. Chapter 9 was completely revised, and chapter 11 is completely new, adding many user-contributed case studies to help readers to recognize and apply lessons to their own organizing problems.

Both editions take great advantage of the digital medium with nearly sixty new pictures and illustrations, enhanced hypertext for cross-references and external citations, and interactive study guides to test on key points.

tdo-pro-lrgThe Professional edition remains the definitive source for advanced students and practitioners who require comprehensive and pinpoint connections to the classic and contemporary literature about organizing. It contains six hundred endnotes tagged as connecting to one or more of the eleven contributing disciplines to provide the links into and bridges between them.

The Core Concepts edition is an abridged version that is simpler to read because it does not tempt the reader with this deep scholarly web of endnotes. Instead, it seeks to reinforce the concepts and design patterns with numerous "Stop and Think" exercises, and omits some of the theoretical nuance of the Professional edition to put more emphasis on concrete examples.

Customized for Teaching

We offer a customized Academic Edition for instructors, which incorporates classroom exercises, assignments, and other teaching resources directly into the ebook for your convenience. Contact us for details.

Instructors can also access our shared Teaching Materials online at any time. (Registration is required to access these materials — please contact us to request access.)

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