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Save Our Citrus App

SaveOurCitrusScreenShotSection 10.7.3 of TDO is a case study titled "Japanese farms look to the cloud" that describes the organizing system for a highly automated farm. The farmworkers use mobile phones for communication, location tracking, and to take pictures of infected crops for review by an expert. Today I discovered a US analog to this last function. The Department of Agriculture has written a smartphone app called "Save Our Citrus" ( so people can see images of diseased fruit (like the one from my phone screenshot here), and then take photos of their own lemons and oranges and send them in for an analysis. Because I have several citrus trees in my garden, I downloaded the app to check it out and will send a photo of my lamest-looking lemon just to see what the quality of service is. The app also has a link to another US DoA site called "" that provides advice about insects that do bad things to plants.


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