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Peter Brantley on Intelligent, Adaptable Books – Like TDO!

Peter Brantley, who heads the open annotation project (where I have a student this summer working to integrate a browswer version of TDO with annotation capability), has written an interesting post in his blog on Publishers Weekly called "The Intelligent, Adaptable Book." Brantley and I met earlier this week to discuss the TDO/ integration and we talked for a long while about some of the ambitious things we're trying in TDO to balance breadth and depth. We needed breadth to include all of the disciplines and domains that care about organizing, and we needed depth to discuss them in a way that was credible - hence, the tagged endnotes. Brantley describes our approach and includes a screen shot from the lastest version of the "Academic EBook Edition," which is going to be coming out in just a few weeks.

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