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On Call Instructions

202 sections are a time for you to ask questions about assignments or material and talk about the topics we discuss in 202. To encourage discussion, each student will sign up to be "On Call" for a section and present a 202 in the News story relating to that week's lecture topic(s). Come prepared with answers the following questions:

  • What is being organized? – things, information about things?  What is the scope and scale of the domain?
  • Why it is being organized? – what functions or capabilities are being enabled, and for whom?  Are the uses and users known or unknown? Is the organization being done to achieve personal, social, or institutional goals?
  • How much is it being organized? – what is the extent or degree of description, classification, or relational structure being imposed? What principles guide and are embodied in the organization?
  • When is it being organized? – when it is created, at design time, or at runtime, just in case, just in time, all the time?
  • By whom (or by what computational processes) it is being organized? – by individuals, by informal groups, by formal groups, by professionals, by automated methods?

Write up your news story as a short blog post (or long one, if you’re really into it) and post it to the course website before your section meets on your selected day. Have fun with this! This is an opportunity to share a connection you’ve made between 202 and the world. Please be sure to tag these posts as you would any other blog entry—lecture number, or descriptive topic tags.

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