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New Sales Channels for TDO book

It has been a while since I sent out any TDO news… here is something urgent.

O’Reilly, the publisher of the 2nd->4th editions of the book, has decided to stop selling one book at a time so that it can encourage adoption of its entire collection of books in the Proquest “Safari” package. Your university library might subscribe to that, so if they do you can point your students to get TDO there.

But if you go to the O’Reilly online catalog and search for TDO, it directs you to Safari or to Amazon, where you can buy the 2013 print edition (which you don’t want!)

I prevailed upon O’Reilly to put the current editions of TDO into other channels, so you need to have your students go to:

Apple itunes – selling MITP 1est edition, selling OReilly 2nd and 4th editions (you’ll want one of the latter)

google play


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