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Minimalist Self-Assessment in Ebooks, Part 2

Readers don’t pay as much attention to the graphics in textbooks as an author would like. This is especially frustrating when the graphics go beyond “decoration” or “illustration” and are designed to be “explanatory”. Perhaps we can encourage TDO readers to study the graphics by enhancing them with self-assessment guidance?

For example, Figure 1.2 Presentation, Logic and Storage Tiers is a complex depiction that is partly explained in the text:

Figure 1.2 illustrates the separation of the presentation, logic, and storage tiers for four different types of library Organizing Systems and for Google Books. No two of them are the same in every tier. Note how a library that uses inventory robots to manage the storage of books does not reveal this in its higher tiers.

Just as we can easily convert the “key points” at the end of Chapters 2-10 into self-assessments we should be able to do the same with the figure titles. Selecting the figure title could display some questions or suggestions about what to look for in the graphic, with another link to the answers or explanation like the italicized extract from Chapter 1 here.

-bob glushkotdo-chapter1.3.2-color

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