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A9. Text Processing Tools

A9. Text Toolkit Assignment Overview In this assignment, you will: Learn how to use a toolkit for text analysis Learn about stemming and using stop words Use the toolkit to analyze texts related to the topics of the class Create an index for documents in a collection Process a search query and return relevant documents [Continue reading ]

A8. Search User Interface Evaluation

Requirements Submit a single file YourNameA8Report.pdf that contains all parts of the assignment.   Overview For this assignment you will analyze the search interfaces of and through the lens of organizing systems presented thus far in class. Familiarize yourself with their search functionality by performing a few searches (say “pinot noir” for [Continue reading ]

A7. Model Mapping and Interoperability

Overview In this assignment you will create a “crosswalk” (declarative spec) and “pseudo-code” (procedural spec) to transform an instance from High Tech Company so that it can interoperate with the systems used by Schmidt Elektronik GmbH.

A6. Faceted Classification

Assignment Overview In this assignment you will: Familiarize yourself with a browser based faceted classification tool Design a faceted classification for the 15 animals your organized in A5 Adjust your classification given additional instances. Build and upload your faceted classification using html and JavaScript. Reflect on your experience designing and iterating your classification. Submission Requirements [Continue reading ]

A5. Ontology

In this assignment, you’ll be organizing a set of 15 animal instances into a hierarchical classification scheme. The goal of this assignment is to give you practice thinking about categorization and category membership, abstraction, classification, and ontologies. In this assignment, you will: Define equivalence classes for 15 animal instances Sort those classes into a hierarchy [Continue reading ]

A4. XML Editors and Descriptions

This assignment introduces you to XML using the XML Spy or the oXygen XML editors. Its purpose is to get you familiar with one of the two editors and understand how an XML instance, schema, and transform fit together. 202A4  

A3. Resource Description

Submission Instructions Submit a total of three files (zipped). Name your zipped file The first file will be FirstNameLastNameA3Report. Your file should have the following sections: Scoping the vocabulary Defining the terms/descriptors Reflecting on the vocabulary modeling experience The second file will be an instance that contains a sample dining “event” encoded using your [Continue reading ]

A2. Organizing Principles (Andronico’s vs. Amazon)

Compare and contrast the organizing principles and design patterns guiding the organization of resources in Andronico’s (using the attached store map) and (using Amazon’s directory). This assignment is worth 10 points. Write up your analysis as a report with 4 sections (we’re being prescriptive here to ensure that you do all the parts of the assignment [Continue reading ]

A1. 202 In The News

Assigned: Tue, 2012-08-28 Due: Tue, 2012-09-04 09:00 In the first lecture we did a very broad survey of different types of organizing systems so you could see how pervasive they are in the world around us. Your first assignment will to be find a news story or short article that relates to the kinds of [Continue reading ]